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Why you need an agent in Guangzhou China?

When you want to buy from several suppliers from China,an export agent can assist you collect the goods from different suppliers in different places. They can be your representative here in China,they can help you talk with the suppliers,Follow up the order, Do necessary inspection to control the quality, Handle the customs clearance here within China, finally export the goods to your country.

I give the job to an export agent instead of doing it myself,it saves me a lots of time,what's more important is the transaction is safe!
— Frank from USA
I ordered from 10 different suppliers in China but I met a big problem when collecting, How I can collect that much and export the goods?
After I used an export agent then it become so easy,they handle everything for me, I am freeee!
— Jenny from Australia
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How does an export agent process your order?

1. We follow you in the markets to record your order;
2. We will follow up your order and make necessary contract to force the supplier follow the quality;
3. We do inspection when the goods finished to make sure the goods come with proper quality;
4. We will book the shipping;
5. We will load the container and apply for local customs clearance;
6. We will ship the container to you and send you the BL and other documents.

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How do we make sure the transaction safe?

1.We signed LEGAL local contract with them confirming all the product details;
2.Pay them deposit to start the production;
3.Do inspection to check the goods quality & quantity;
4.If everything is ok then we pay them balance and collect the goods;
5.If they didn't give correct goods then we will require correction according to the contract, if they don't cooperate then we can even sue them.

I used to deal with a "factory" directly,but I didn't hear from them after I made the payment. Then I fear to buy like this way.
Later I was introduced to this agent and they strongly protect my order and I don't worry any more.
— Mr. Andy from Germany
I made some orders from a hanbag supplier.When I got the goods the styles are really not exactly what I am after,also the qty is not correct.
If I can have someone to seal local legal contract with supplier do inspection then this won't happen.
— Miss Sara from Canada
  • We sign strict LEGAL LOCAL CONTRACT

How do we control the quality?

Some suppliers here are not reliable,some may cheat you.So it's very necessary to make proper control. We will sign local legal contract with the suppliers,this will force them give proper goods. when the goods is finished,we will go and inspect the goods.If everything is OK then we will pay them balance and take away the goods. If they give wrong items or bad quality,we will refuse to take the goods and require them change the goods according to the signed contract. We can even sue them and required funds back if them don't cooperatd.

Even for a long cooperated supplier,it's necessary to to inspection for every order come from China.
— Michael from Mexico
  • Our Team do strict inspection

  • We will load container properly

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